About Us

Varsity Bass is a leading independent news site covering the rapidly growing sport of college and high school bass fishing. The site serves as a hub of news, results, rankings and articles about all the current national tournaments – FLW College, College B.A.S.S., ACA, High School Fishing, Junior Bassmaster – and the many regional series springing up all over the country.

We try and approach putting the site together the way you approach your varsity fishing – we’re in it for the fun and experience but we take it pretty seriously and totally respect the skill and commitment it takes to fish competitively.

We can’t think of any good reason why varsity bass fishing doesn’t deserve the kind of quality sports coverage given to any other college or high school sport.

About Craig

Craig is sadly well beyond college age but became fascinated by the emergence of college bass fishing while working as a freelance fishing writer. Among other places, his articles have been published in In Fisherman, BASS Times, Cabelas.com, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Angling Times and Pike and Predators, and he is the author of a worldwide reference guide to online fishing resources, Fishing Online: 1,000 Best Web Sites (Stoeger Publishing, 2004). He’s a keen but basically clueless bass angler who grew up fishing in the UK where they don’t have bass, cheerleaders or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. He was very glad to get out of there.