Brandon Card, now offering discounted guide days for college students. Copyright Brandon Card Brandon Card, now offering discounted guide days for college students. Copyright Brandon Card


Brandon Card is arguably the most successful angler to emerge from the college fishing scene (he fished for the University of Kentucky) and this year won the Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year.

His column “A Real Card” on , continues to be a great read for aspiring young anglers. A couple of recent posts caught my eye.

One was about Carson Orellana, who we highlighted last week.

Card wrote about a practice session he shared with the young angler before the Bass Pro Shops Southern Open #3 on Smith Lake. Orellana went on to win the co-angler tournament by an impressive three pounds. And he did it using a not-so-common lure/color combination … something that would take real confidence.

Card’s verdict: a genuine talent and one to watch.

Guide Service Goes Both Ways

The two anglers are connected in another way in that both have turned to guiding other anglers to make money and, more importantly, to hone their skills.

Card’s most recent column describes his experiences guiding in the off-season (rather than working as a landscaper, which is what he used to do).

As he describes, having to quickly identify patterns, think about why certain things worked or didn’t work and answer client questions, has tightened-up his own fishing:

“It’s kind of similar to my professors in college who claimed they learned so much through teaching.”

Card intends his guiding service to be as educational as possible, answering three basic questions for the client: 1. how to find the bass; 2. why they’re there; and 3., what it takes to catch them.

Sounds great to me. He guides on Lakes Norris, Cherokee, Douglas, and Fort Loudon all in Tennessee. College anglers get a 50% discount and one out of every 10 trips is a freebie for kids.

Check out his website or facebook page for details.

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