Conference set-up and a wildcard are 2013 features for College B.A.S.S. Copyright B.A.S.S. Conference set-up and a wildcard are 2013 features for College B.A.S.S. Copyright B.A.S.S.


College B.A.S.S. recently announced their 2013 schedule, reaffirming their commitment to the sport and to giving college anglers across the nation an equal shot at the College Series National Championship and ultimately, a berth in the Bassmaster Classic.

The dates and locations are:

SOUTHERN CONFERENCE – January 4-5, Harris Chain of Lakes, Tavares, FL

CENTRAL CONFERENCE – March 8-9, Amistad Reservoir, Del Rio, TX

WESTERN CONFERENCE – April 6-7, Clear Lake, Clear Lake, CA

EASTERN CONFERENCE – April 12-13, Santee Cooper, Manning, SC

MIDWESTERN CONFERENCE – May 29-30, Mississippi River, Fort Madison, IO

COLLEGE SERIES WILDCARD – June 14-15, Pickwick Lake, Florence, AL


Building for the Future

The new owners of B.A.S.S. have been quick to re-establish college fishing as a priority for the organization and the new Conference format is proof of that.

Hank Weldon, the College Series tournament manager, stated:

“During the past few years, we’ve seen the season evolve from one tournament annually to seven tournaments this year ….The addition of the wildcard is something we’re excited about. In the regular season colleges can only fish within their respective conferences. This tournament, which will take place at prime time for one of the best lakes in the nation, gives the fishing teams one last chance to make it to the championship.”

All the details of registering for the tournament are HERE. It’s also worth noting that five of the six qualifying tournaments are on the recently published Bassmaster Magazine 100 Best Bass Lakes list, and four are in the top 25.

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