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College Bass Clubs: Numbers and Notes

We put a fair bit of time and effort into compiling the Clubs page. It was amassed by canvassing all the team listings from all the tournaments on the FLW, College B.A.S.S. and ACA websites, plus any regional series that didn’t overlap, going back a couple of years.

We think it’s the most current and comprehensive list out there of active clubs, but according to FLW Bass magazine (July 2012) there are nearly twice as many registered clubs on their rolls.

So we missed more than a few. If you belong to a club that isn’t listed please let us know and we’ll add you to the total.

A couple of things about the list stand out:

There are 298 clubs listed, with at least one in every state in the lower 48.

Alaska is bass-less so they’re off the hook, but what’s your excuse Hawaii? You’ve even got peacock bass, for crying out loud. Okay, travel would be a bit of an issue especially as the college championships are all held out East but come on dudes, put down the surfboards and get with the program, even if just an internal tournament. That way we’ll have an excuse to come over and report on it.

Texas easily has the most bass clubs (27), followed by Alabama (17), Georgia (16), California (14), Tennessee (14), Oklahoma (13), Florida (11), and South Carolina, Arkansas, New York and Wisconsin all with 10. This seems about right as a rough barometer of bassy culture.

Canada, can you really only have five university bass clubs (and all in Ontario …)? Berkley sponsored a Canadian collegiate bass championship a couple of years ago but it doesn’t appear to be an annual event. At least one Canadian team made it down to the BoatU.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship in June: good effort University of Western Ontario. If you’re a Canadian college basser and you’re not represented please help us out with details of your club.

Okay, there are obviously many more high schools out there than colleges but some of the states are still putting up really impressive numbers of high school bass clubs: Illinois, for example, has more than 230 organized clubs. Until not too long ago that was about the total for all college bass clubs in the US. That’s great in its own right but also bodes well for the continued growth of the sport at the college level.

We are working on a complete state-by-state list of high school bass clubs.

Originally, the Colleges page was going to include links to any websites or Facebook pages hosted by the clubs. We may still do this for some of the better club sites but apart from a handful of exceptions we found many of them badly out-of-date, sometimes years out-of-date.

Part of the mission of Varsity Bass is to keep news and resources about the sport as up-to-the-minute as possible, so we don’t want to point readers to stale information. That said, if you want to contact a club they nearly all have some kind of information online with an email address and the name of the president and vice president. The Colleges list provides the first level of reference; just let Google do the rest.

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