November 12th – FLW, the prime mover behind college fishing over the last few years, has announced their 2013 season schedule and some changes in format and prizes.

I won’t re-write their press release in every detail, which is available at, but here are the highlights:


Teams that made it to the 2012 National Championship can register a day earlier (December 17th), than other interested schools (December 18th).

Registration priority will be given to teams that can supply their own boats, and they will also be given a travel allowance based on distance travelled to the tournament. Otherwise, priority is based on date and time of entry.

The number of teams accepted from each school will be dependent on the total number of clubs entering the event – less than 50, and spots for more than one team per college open up.


The conference make-up stays the same: Central, Northern, Southeastern, Southern, and Western.

The top 15 teams from each of three qualifying events in a Conference (i.e ., 45 teams) advance to a two-day Conference Fishing Invitational. The field is cut to 10 on the second day. The winning team is determined based on combined weight from both days. FLW will supply boats for each team that needs one, and will offer travel stipends to any team that brings their own.

The top 10 teams from each of the five Conference Invitationals (i.e., 50 teams) advance to a three-day televised National Championship. After two days fishing, field is cut to 10 based on combined weight. The third day decides it, based on total cumulative weight. Same dealio with the boats.


Conference Qualifiers

1st place $2000; 2nd place $1000; 3rd place $500; 4th $500; 5th $500

Conference Invitationals

1st place $4000; 2nd place $2000; 3rd place $1000; 4th place $1000; 5th place $1000.

National Championship

1st place Ranger Z117 and Evinrude outboard package, $3000, plus entry to FLW Cup; 2nd place $6000; 3rd place $3000; 4th place $3000; 5th place $3000.

Whoever is designated Boater and Co-Angler of the National Championship winning team will qualify in the Pro Division and Co-Angler categories respectively for the 2014 FLW Cup. Any prize money won at the FLW Cup goes to the angler, not to the school.

So, the major changes …

There’s one less event in each of the conference qualifying rounds, and the prizes (money and boats) have been whittled down a bit for the new season.

What do you guys think?

2 thoughts on “FLW CHANGES IT UP FOR 2013

  1. I think the college fishing tour is awesome regardless of the current adjustments. I wish it existed while I was in college….


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