Virginia Tech’s Wyatt Blevins and Carson Rejzer triumphed over Georgia Southern University in the 2012 Ranger Cup University head-to-head on Lake Amistad, Tx, with a five fish limit of 22.53 pounds.

The Ranger Cup is an all-expenses paid televised one day tournament for college teams affiliated with either FLW or ACA. Winners take home $2,000.

This was the final event of Blevins’ collegiate career and he summed up the spirit of the event nicely:

“The whole experience was incredible. We were flown in, fished out of brand new boats and treated like pros the entire time. The fact we went out and caught a ton of fish was just a bonus – this was really a once in a lifetime deal.”

Registration is free, but there are requirements for displaying logos and patches. The two highest finishing teams at the end of the FLW/ACA season then qualify for the event, usually held late in the year.

This year’s event will be shown on the NBC Sports network show American Outdoors. Registration for the 2013 event will be posted on and the ACA website.

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