This is a Guest Post from the talented junior competitor Carson Orellana, direct from his web site, When you’re at his site don’t miss his recent account of competing as a Co-Angler in this year’s Bassmaster Southern Opens, the last of which he won.

My friend, and fishing mentor, Jason Shapiro, has spent, and still spends, an untold amount of time teaching me the required skills for tournament bass fishing.

The only form of repayment that Jason has ever requested is to pay it forward and help teach others.

So meet Carson Cochran, (cool first name), a thirteen year old with the passion for bass fishing. Carson’s dad, Trace, works with my dad at Joe Gibbs Racing. When I heard that Trace’s son was hooked with thoughts of tournament fishing, I invited him out for a day of fishing on Lake Norman.

It was a tough summer day on Norman. A good bite was hard to come by. After showing Carson how to flip docks we couldn’t buy a bite. We then moved on to deep brush piles. There we were able to catch a limit. Not much total weight but 5 fish none the less.

Carson already has plenty of the basic skills for bass fishing but we spent the day working on the details of casting, fishing brush piles, and general techniques.

Even though I too am still learning, it always helps to show others what I have learned so far. I continue to learn in the process.

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